How to Find Your Passion in Life

How to Find Your Passion in Life

You see passionate people all around you and wonder why you don’t get excited about something in that obsessive way.

You are not alone in this.

There are a lot of people who take decades to realize what their passion is and that is fine. The following points will help you get to your passion quickly and shake hands with it as you welcome it into your new life 


  • Be Curious And Follow Your Curiosity 

Finding one’s passion can be as easy as a walk in the park OR as difficult as scaling Everest for others.

If you fall in the latter group, the trick to doing it efficiently is by using the process of elimination. There are some things you like, some things you don’t and then there's that one thing you spend day after day thinking about, it drives you crazy. That is your passion.

So, follow everything that makes you curious. This could be psychology, software development, wedding planning, or anything else that makes you stop and think.


  • Quit It Before It Quits You.

Don’t suffer through something you know is not your passion. So, you took up a psychology class just to find out if the field was for you but you find yourself yawning midway through the first session.

Instead of wasting time, you could be pursuing (or eliminating) some other avenue.


  • Money Isn’t Everything

This might sound cliché but money can NOT buy happiness.

You can feel satisfied and temporarily elated on a 7-day cruise to your favorite destination or an endless shopping spree at the mall...but true happiness comes from doing what you love.

Thus, when you are looking for your passion, don’t make money one of the factors.


  • Don’t Hide From The Things That Make You Unique.

The biggest problem with the modern world is that uniqueness is used to ridicule and make fun of people.

If a group of enthusiasts dress up for their favorite fictional character and universe, they are branded as ‘geeks’. Who cares what the world thinks about you? If something makes you unique, learn to OWN IT!! :)


  • Don’t Let Fear Stop You 

Your mind will throw a lot of roadblocks when you try something new and out of your comfort zone.

It is okay to be afraid and it is perfectly fine to fail.

Don’t let your past failure, and fear stop you from pursuing what you are meant to do.


  • Have Realistic Expectations

Finally, when you do find that passion, have realistic expectations from it.

If your passion is writing, there might be days when you are bored of it and that is fine.

A passion isn’t a magic fix but a stable influence that guides you through life.


Happy Hunting......for YOUR Passion!