Finding Your Inner Peace


We live in such a fast paced, high energized world that sometimes it is hard to know if we have any inner peace.


10 Ways To Find Your Inner Peace


1. Have nothing unresolved.

As opposed to just having things finished, completely clear up the larger unresolved issues personally and professionally that sap your energy and create other problems in your life. You will feel a weight come off your shoulders.


2. Surrender and accept what is.

Rather than resisting and fighting, just stop struggling. Resistance blocks energy and creativity. Accepting what is will make it much easier to find a solution. Unhook yourself from the situation or person and view it from a detached perspective.


3. Take full responsibility for how you react to others.

Other people don't make you behave in a certain way. You ultimately choose your behavior. Decide who you want to be in all circumstances. Mentally prepare yourself and plan for a calm, unflappable response even during trying times.


4. Become aware of your true feelings rather than ignoring them.

This means your own feelings as well as others. Don't ignore feelings or 'sweep them under the rug' because they are uncomfortable. They are sending you a message. Take time to stop and get in tune with those feelings to discover what is behind them. If you don't, the feelings will come back in more unpleasant ways and really disrupt your peace.


5. Tell the entire truth.

Resist editing, lying, or translating. Be real. Lay it on the table in a gentle and authentic way to yourself and others. Hiding the truth doesn't serve you in the long run. Staying true to your integrity brings peace of mind.


6. Know your higher self.

Distinguish between your self versus your mind, ego, needs or past experience. Take the time to understand who you really are. What are your values, your goals, your joys and passions, your integrity? Those are what define you and make you authentic.


7. Unhinge from adrenaline.

Adrenaline is the drug of choice in a stressed out society. It gives us a jolt of superhuman energy when faced with a threat. But mostly we use it to get that rush to blast through the day. An adreniline-based lifestyle can do soul-damaging things: overworking, being greedy, insistence on getting ahead or winning even at the expense of relationships. Kick the adrenaline dependency. Slow down and let go — or risk losing your health, your relationships, and your peace of mind.


8. Know what sets you off.

What makes you go from 0 to 100 real quick? There's a reason you react, and understanding the truth behind these feelings is the first step in addressing the problem or letting it go. Keep asking yourself, “Why do I feel this way?” until you know the real answer. Then deal with the answer directly.


9. Step over nothing, even the small stuff.

Don't ignore even the smallest tolerations or imbalance in your life. You may not be able to change everything, but awareness and the ability to manage tolerations in a healthy way can bring you peace.


10. Prioritize peace ahead of performance.

Make an estimated guess on the days you have left to live. Do you want to look back at your life and celebrate the rushing around, the completed “to do” lists, and silly stuff, or do you want to reflect on days of calm, connectedness, great relationships, wonderful experiences, and peace of mind?

 The most profound impact of inner peace is the peace it spreads to the world outside of us. Peace between families, communities, and countries begins with each individual. Inner peace is contagious. As you find inner peace for yourself, you become a model for others and spread the seeds of peace everywhere you go.