Overcoming Feelings of Low Self Worth


Feelings Of Low Self Worth??

There's nothing quite like watching a woman rise in strength, embrace who she is and walk in confidence.


As women we are already very beautiful and attractive beings. However, as we tackle the challenges in the world and strive to make things happen and achieve our goals it will help to actually feel confident and attractive.

Because once you look good, you will feel good and therefore do good.


Here are 4 techniques we use to to Overcome any Feelings Of Low Self Worth.


  1. Wake up Happy. Decide every morning that you are in a good mood. This is so important. If you wake up happy and you decide that “today is going to be a good day.” Chances are you are going to have an awesome day. If you wake up and you are telling yourself “ugh, another day, time to go to work and do things I hate.” and you start your day with a negative thought, it will create negative vibes. 

  2. Don’t Push Away. Stop pushing people away because you feel unworthy. This is a huge problem for many. They tend to feel low self-worth so they constantly push away others who care for them because they are afraid to get too close. If this sounds like you, this is me saying, STOP. You deserve to have people who care about you in your life.   

  3. Discover You ARE Worthy. When you discover your self worth you will lose interest in all those who don’t see it. Getting rid of those who are negative & don’t see your self worth is important. You don’t need this kind of negativity in your life. It will only bring you down. Know your worth & everyone who doesn’t know needs to be kicked to the curb. 

  4.  Keep a journal. We know it might sound “lame” or like a “waste of time”. In fact   it’s the complete opposite. Journaling helps a lot of people when it comes to stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts.    
    Start journaling but, journal in a positive way. Write only positive thoughts. Write what you are thankful for, what you love about yourself, your goals, what you love in general, positive affirmations. This is great for helping with low self-worth.


Now we know this isn't an overnight change by any means. There's a lot of undoing that needs to be, well...UNDONE. 

So pick one of these four tips. JUST ONE. Give yourself a few weeks to be intentional and create a habit around this ONE THING.

Remember, there's no pressure and give yourself grace.


See y'all here next week for more Sisterhood Conversations!